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Dear Ladies,

They often say that having cellulite is normal. That it’s a part of our body that we just have to live with-even if it makes our figure so unsightly.

I’ve nurtured a love-hate relationship with cellulite. It settled underneath my thighs and made them look bulgy, and in my arms until they went saggy.

Cellulite was also in my derriere-it played the mean girl during all those times I wanted to show off a smooth silhouette for my figure. And this went on for years.

As a woman, all I’ve wanted is a body I can take pride in, a figure that I can draw confidence from. But seriously, with lumpy cellulite sticking out of my thighs, I found myself covering my assets instead.

Then one day I decided: this has to end.

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Celluhite2 copy

I have to say goodbye to cellulite, once and for all.

So I tried almost everything in the market. Spa treatments, creams, massages etc. None of them worked. I invested my time, money and hope on them… to no avail.

There was even a point when I thought cellulite was here to stay with me forever-and that there was really nothing I could do about it. There were nights when cellulite nearly got the best of me.

But that was until I discovered Pupa Milano Intensive
Treatment for Deep & Visible Cellulite Cream!

I was out shopping with a friend who, like me, was also having serious issues with cellulite. We both hated our batwing arms, but that day I noticed the flab on her upper arms seemed to have just disappeared.


I first thought she underwent surgery-I mean, we were together less than three weeks ago and now she’s got slender upper arms? “Dear, who says I underwent surgery?” she rolled her eyes at me that moment I popped the question. “It’s just Pupa Milano Intensive Treatment for Deep & Visible Cellulite Cream, and I’ve only been using it for the past two weeks.”

At first I was sceptical. I wasn’t buying it: in two weeks she got rid of her cellulite without surgery? Only a MIRACLE can do that! “I’m not saying you take my word for it,” she told me with a reassuring smile. “But you may just want to give it a try.”

To be honest, I didn’t want to. For someone who’s tried almost everything to get rid of cellulite thriving under her skin only to fail after each and every try, I was on the verge of giving up.

I was SCARED to end up disappointed once more. But then I told myself, what else do I have to lose at this point? So I bought one. And two weeks after I started using it, I realized that most of my cellulite is gone!

Let me repeat: in JUST 2 WEEKS since using Pupa Milano Intensive Treatment for Deep & Visible Cellulite Cream, I have finally gotten rid of most of my cellulite!

I was really excited! Finally, I’ve found a product that I can count on to win this fight! It’s just a matter of time before I show the rest of the world a more confident me-without that nasty cellulite getting in the way.


Why is Pupa Milano Intensive Treatment for Deep & Visible
Cellulite Cream so much more effective than others?

I did a ton of research, and I found out that Pupa Milano uses cel-concept 20% technology that combines 5 natural active ingredients with an innovative ultra-micronized vector that penetrates directly into the skin.

The active ingredients fulfil cellulite-busting faster, making them more effective than other traditional cosmetic products. The 20% cel-concept concentration also helps prevent the visible effects of cellulite and the accumulation of excess fat and fluids under the skin.

The cel-concept technology not only stimulates the reduction of excess fats in the skin, but also inhibits the storage of new fats – fats that we NEVER WANT TO LIVE WITH.

So how exactly will you benefit from Pupa Milano Intensive Treatment for Deep & Visible Cellulite Cream? Here’s a rundown of the effects you’ll definitely enjoy:

  • Gets rid of cellulite in just 2 weeks-including cellulite that has been showing under your skin for a long time
  • Smoothens “orange peel skin” and helps give you baby-soft and silky skin
  • Brightens up dull skin resulting in a healthier and naturally beautiful glow
  • Prevents water retention and helps give more colour and tone to your skin

When I first started using Pupa Milano Intensive Treatment for Deep & Visible Cellulite Cream, I noticed distinct effects that I never experienced with previous products I tried-and these include:

  • A refreshing minty scent that stays on the skin for a long time!
  • A light consistency, which meant the cream was easily and rapidly absorbed by the skin!

Using Pupa Milano Intensive Treatment for Deep & Visible Cellulite Cream also led me to using 2 equally powerful cellulite-reducing products:

Pupa Milano Intensive Anti-Cellulite Scrub
Special Anti-Cellulite Draining Massage

Not only a scrub, but also a real treatment massage to counter the imperfections of cellulite and water retention. Intensive Anti-Cellulite Scrub is enriched with two active ingredients known for their anti-accumulation and anti-water power.

  • Caffeine stimulates the disposal of fats deposited in the adipose cells.
  • Escin, extracted from horse chestnut, which helps the normal functionality of the micro-circulation and the drainage of excess fluids from the skin.

Pupa Milano Intensive Treatment for Water-Retention and Cellulite

Enriched with PHYTODREN, a complex of 3 natural draining extracts, the Intensive Treatment for Water Retention and Cellulite together with massage, stimulates the drainage of excess fluids from the adipose tissue, favouring a more harmonious and toned silhouette

What our customers are saying



Hannah Tan – Singapore

“I’ve used so many anti-cellulite products that were recommended by magazines or friends! In fact, I still have a collection of them in my bedroom. I don’t even know why I kept buying them, maybe i was just hoping one will work. However, i purchased the PUPA Intensive Treatment cream for deep and visible cellulite, and i love the results, and I’m recommending it to everyone I know!”



Stacey Lee – Singapore

“Just wanna say ‘thank you’ for this product. My cellulite was so bad, it wasn’t the extra weight that bothered me, but it was the condition of my cellulite! However after using your product for a few months it’s all gone! Thanks so much!”



Hafizah M. – Singapore

“Its embarrassing for me as my friends and sisters do not suffer from cellulite. I’m the only one affected by it. Your product really helped firm my skin and connective tissue, so now I feel so confident; cellulite free! Thanks for helping me with this particularly embarrassing problem!”

Singapore’s Award Winning brand and featured in the following magazines..


After the first 2 weeks of treatment, the visible imperfections of new cellulite will be reduced!

So yes, if you have decided to finally bid cellulite goodbye using a tried and tested formula that gives you the results you’ve been longing for in just 2 weeks…

NOW is the time to act!

You want to look good. And you want to feel great about yourself. But wouldn’t it be better if you LOOKED GOOD AND FELT GREAT AT THE SAME TIME?

If you happen to agree with me, then this is an offer you cannot afford to miss.

LIKE I SAID, I tried many other products and treatments before. They didn’t work. And you’re probably still in the same situation I was before.

I am so HAPPY that YOU’RE READING THIS. Now is your chance to cut short your cellulite-busting process and get something that will give you results in 2 weeks.

So cut the drama and bid goodbye to unsightly cellulite once and for all-and say hello the brand new, sexy and confident you!

Intensive Treatment
for Water Retention and Cellulite


Intensive Anticellulite Scrub


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